Ashley Kirlin has stood side-by-side with many patients on their healthcare journeys over the past 15 years. But even as a veteran Blessing Hospital nurse, the experience is different when the patient is your child.

“Megan Kelley was the certified registered nurse anesthetist who took my little guy out of my arms and carried him back to the operating room. She saw tears fill my eyes, and promised me everything would be just fine,” Ashley recalled.

Ashley’s young son needed ear tubes, an all-too-common event in young families, yet still worrisome as her youngest child was taken to the operating room. 

“I felt like a new mother all over again, with the same feelings and concerns about my little one undergoing surgery,’ Ashley said.

Her anxiety was eased by the compassion and skill of her son’s provider, Myron Jones, MD.  Dr. Jones is certified by the American Board of Otolaryngology.

“Dr. Jones came out and talked to me after the surgery. He takes the time to answer your questions. He really listens,” Ashley stated.  “He’s been in the ear business a long time. Blessing is lucky to have such a wonderful provider here in our community."

She also found comfort in the care provided by everyone who interacted with her and her son.

“As a nurse, I trust our team each and every day, and it was time for me to entrust them with my child’s care needs. Everyone we came in contact with the day of his surgery was wonderful.”

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