Blessing Health System Nurses

As part of the Nursing family at Blessing Health System, our RN’s are valued, supported, and empowered. Our nurses work in a tight-knit, team environment where they have the ability to collaborate with colleagues to provide the best care possible. Whether you are an experienced nurse or a recent graduate, we are hopeful you can find a home as a nurse at Blessing Health System.

Tuition Forgiveness

Blessing Health System now offers tuition forgiveness for Bedside RN’s and Radiology Techs! Up to $10,000 for full time and up to $5,000 for part time!


"My favorite thing about working at Blessing is that they have a great group of friendly and helpful people. You never have to feel like you are lost. There is always someone around to help you and I truly enjoy working in that kind of environment" - Karen, Blessing Rieman College of Nursing & Health Sciences.

“Wound care was great because I was able to go to different departments since wounds are seen in every department. I was able to watch patients progress through healing of a wound which was really neat to see.” – Maty, 2015 Wound Care intern

“ I work at Blessing because no matter what role you are in, working in the healthcare field allows you to make a difference in someone’s life, even if it is just for one day. - Kayla, Telemedicine & Outreach, Employee since 2009

"I enjoy the fast pace and the variety of work and people that I deal with. I love the people that I work with and the overall environment. – Brian, PCA on 2 North

"I enjoy watching the technology and seeing how far we have come in my 36 years with Blessing, the changes are many and I am thrilled our community members can stay in Quincy for procedures you had to drive a distance for years ago. " - Cindy, Non­Invasive Cardiology

10 Reasons to Be a Nurse at Blessing Health System:

  1. We offer a family oriented environment where you will be valued and supported from day one.
  2. Our community, Quincy, Illinois, offers a small town feel with big city amenities.
  3. We offer onsite child care to those with growing families
  4. Being part of the Blessing Health System gives you access to career growth within our sister hospitals and physician services offices.
  5. You'll have access to state-of-the-art equipment and cutting edge technology so you can provide the highest quality of care to your patients.
  6. We recently opened the Moorman Pavilion where patients and employees alike are comfortable in a brand new, state of the art facility.
  7. You will have direct impact on the well being of your patients.
  8. We are committed to providing flexible scheduling options for all our nurses.
  9. We are a tight-knit team and you'll form long lasting friendships with colleagues.
  10. Access to tuition reimbursement and talent development opportunities keeps you at the top of your industry.

Residency Program

Blessing Hospital is proud to offer newly hired graduate nurses a nurse residency program. The Vizient/AACN Nurse Residency Program (NRP) is the gold standard for nurse residency programs. NRP is build on an evidence-based curriculum and is a proven program, developed by experts from academic medical centers and schools of nursing across the country. It is designed to effectively support new graduate nurses as you transition into your first professional roles as caregivers in the patient care setting.

Program Requirements:

  • Blessing Hospital Employees
  • Nurse graduate with less than one year nursing experience
  • Engagement and active participation in the one year program with approximately 8 hours per month dedicated to continued professional development in a collegial environment.

Program Benefits:

  • Become a committed, engaged care provider with increased confidence and competence
  • Become part of a team through socialization in the organization
  • Increase ability to prioritize and organize
  • Increase your satisfaction and professional commitment
  • Immerse yourself in evidence based practice
  • Individualized orientation with a consistent, strong preceptor with clinical experience
  • Ongoing mentorship to support transition from novice to expert
  • Ongoing skill development

Program Contact Information:
Joni Smith, MSN, MBA, RN
217-223-1200, ext 4834

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To learn more about jobs available at Blessing Health System please call 217-223-8400 ext. 6850.