About Me

I always take the time to listen to my patients and get to know them; by discovering what their symptoms and problems are, I can diagnose their condition, educate them on the options and help direct their care to make them better. As I like to say: listen, educate, solve the problem.

I started off as a high school science teacher and always liked to solve problems and I liked education. Not only did this lead me to get my PhD, in neuroanatomy, but also pursue my medical degree as well. Since I like solving problems, medicine offers me the ability to solve patients’ problems and help them. Anatomy and neurosurgery are a great fit: I am able to listen to patients, diagnose their problem, educate them on the solutions and help make them better.

I always treat my patients like I treat my family and friends.

Areas of Interest

  • Brain tumors
  • Traumatic brain injury
  • Degenerative spine conditions of the neck and spine which require surgery
  • Carpal tunnel surgery

Education & Training

American Board of Neurological Surgery
Medical Education
University of Kansas Medical School
University of Kansas Medical School
University of Kansas Medical School

Special Interests

Brain Tumors
Traumatic Brain Injury
Degenerative Spine Conditions
Carpal Tunnel Surgery



4800 Maine St,
Suite 48-108,
Quincy, IL 62305
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