About Me

As an audiologist, my clinical role is to evaluate, diagnose, and treat hearing loss through hearing aids and other assistive devices. Too often, those with hearing loss may resign themselves to the idea that they are no longer able to communicate effectively and enjoy conversations and activities as they once did. It is remarkable to watch patients re-engage in life following treatment of their hearing loss.

Hearing loss does not affect us only as we age; many parents have concerns about their child’s hearing and/or delays in speech and language development. A hearing evaluation is a starting point for investigation into these concerns. My experience as an audiologist in pediatric and educational settings has given me the opportunity to work with many children and their families who are coping with hearing loss.

Prevention and education are key factors in protecting our hearing from damage due to noise exposure. It is important to be mindful of noise levels in work environments, as well as in hobbies and recreational activities. Depending upon individual needs, I am able to make recommendations to my patients on ways to protect their hearing most effectively.

We have seen marked improvements in hearing aid technology in recent years; in fact, it is evolving on a continual basis. It is my goal to use that technology to help my patients enjoy life to the fullest.

Areas of Interest

  • Adult & Pediatric Hearing Aids
  • Pediatric Evaluation & Rehabilitation
  • Hearing Conservation

Education & Training

Professional Supervisor of Audiometric Monitoring Program (CPS/A)
Hearing Conservation Program
Medical School
Truman State University, University of Louisville
Direct Line