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We hope that at our clinic you will welcome an active, forward-thinking approach to injury care, prevention and performance.  An approach where the only thing that can stop you from getting to the next level is your own motivation.

From an expert fundamental assessment to a gold-standard ART soft tissue treatment, our innovative techniques will make all the difference to getting you back to where you want to be in record time. Say good-bye to weeks and weeks of physical therapy, months of chiropractic adjustments and that never-ending regimen of painkillers. 

Dr. Wes Creech offers the only full-body certified Elite provider within a 90-mile radius of Quincy.  He was recently joined by Dr. Erik Nothold who will also be providing care to our region.  Learn more about the services we offer.

Contact Us

Please call our office at 217-222-5800 for more information and learn more about our treatment options that are available to you.