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Experience the Blessing Difference: Urology

By using the latest technology, we are able to treat many people right here in the Quincy office. We also partner with specialties across Blessing Health System to treat certain kinds of urologic cancers and other conditions. We offer:

  • Highly experienced urologist: We are led by a fellowship-trained urologist. Fellowship training means the doctor has had additional, rigorous training in a specialty. We also see a high volume of people and have experience treating everything from common problems to complex conditions.

  • Minimally-invasive surgery: With robotic surgery, we perform surgery with smaller incisions than ever before. The precision of robotic surgery gives us greater ability to remove all the cancer and spare nerves. Keeping nerves intact helps with bladder control and sexual function. Robotic surgery also has less risk of bleeding, and you heal faster.

  • Cancer treatment: Within urology, we treat bladder cancer, kidney cancer and prostate cancer. Our urologists are trained in urologic oncology (care for cancer of the urinary tract in men and women and of men’s reproductive organs). We offer the latest cancer treatments, including certain types of chemotherapy, right here in the office. We also partner with radiation oncologists and other cancer specialists at the Blessing Cancer Center.

  • Quick diagnosis: Urologic problems can be alarming and frustrating. We work to diagnose you quickly, through various tests we can perform here in the office. We may draw blood, do a urinalysis or perform imaging tests to confirm a diagnosis. We also do prostate biopsies, or removing small samples of prostate tissue to check for cancerous cells, here in the office.

  • Care that focuses on you: Conditions such as erectile dysfunction or bladder control issues (for both men and women) can be difficult to talk about. We bring compassion and understanding to every conversation. We also try to get across a message of hope. There are so many ways to treat urologic problems and maintain your quality of life.

  • Outreach clinics: In addition to our main location in Quincy, Dr. Richard O'Halloran also sees patients at our outreach locations in Hamilton-Warsaw Clinic, Illini Consulting Physicians Clinic, and Illinois Veterans Home. You do not have to drive to Quincy for your routine urological care.

Contact Us

To schedule an appointment with a Blessing urologist or refer a patient, please call (217) 214-3460.