Located on the second floor of Illini Community Hospital in Pittsfield, Illinois, Worthington Square is a 10-bed inpatient psychiatric unit for seniors ages 55 and older. We specialize in treating and relieving symptoms for senior patients who have psychiatric and behavioral symptoms.

Experience the Illini Difference: Our Geriatric Psychiatric Unit

Families choose Worthington Square at Illini Community Hospital because we offer:

  • Specialized care, close to home: Our facility is the first critical access hospital in the state of Illinois to offer a distinct psychiatric unit for seniors. Patients seek our psychiatric services from 100-plus miles away for the specialized care we provide here.

  • Extensive safety features: Our senior psychiatric unit provides private and semi-private rooms with many safety and security features, such as tamper-resistant materials and monitoring cameras. You can be assured we will take good care of your loved one.

  • Thorough follow-up care: Patients spend an average of 7 days at Worthington Square. After they’re discharged, our social worker follows up with all patients to make sure they have transitioned successfully and have access to all necessary mental health services.

Geriatric Psychiatric Unit: What You Should Know

Because Worthington Square offers such specialized care, you may have questions about whether our geriatric psychiatric unit might benefit you or a loved one. Here are some points to consider:

  • Patients who could benefit: While most senior behavioral health programs target adults ages 65 and older, Worthington Square considers patients starting at age 55.

  • Admission process: Many patients who are admitted to Worthington Square are referred from an emergency department or another medical professional. If you have questions about whether you or a loved one would benefit from inpatient psychiatric care, please call (217) 285-2113 for expert guidance.

  • Our care providers: Each patient will receive focused care from our skilled team that includes:

    • Psychiatrists

    • A psychiatric nurse practitioner

    • Psychiatric nurses

    • Skilled social workers

    • Psychiatric technicians

Mental Health Symptoms We Treat

Our skilled psychiatric team offers Worthington Square patients comprehensive mental health treatment for a range of symptoms, including:

  • Delusions

  • Psychoses

  • Social withdrawal

  • Anxiety and stress-related issues

  • Acute and chronic depressive illness

  • Sudden or unexplained changes in behavior

  • Alzheimer's disease and dementia that includes a psychiatric component

Mental Health Services We Provide

While at Worthington Square, patients participate in a variety of group and individual therapies. Our skilled psychiatric team offers patients safe and comprehensive mental health services, including:

  • 24-hour supervision

  • Crisis intervention

  • Protection from self-harm

  • Medication support services

  • Professional psychiatric assessment and treatment

  • Personalized education for patients, families and caregivers

  • Complete follow-up care coordination

Contact Us

To schedule an appointment or refer a patient, please call (217) 285-2113.