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Elevated Legs Recovery System can lead to faster recovery times, due to increased blood flow helping clear fatigue causing metabolites and reduce inflammation.

Though there are many factors to consider when you’re looking to improve your performance, the ability to consistently execute your training sessions ranks pretty high on the priority list. But consistent training alone isn’t enough if your body isn’t sufficiently recovered. Muscle soreness, reduced muscle strength and fatigue will severely limit the effectiveness of your training and can lead to a cycle that actually inhibits regular training and creates a potential for increased risk of injury.

This is why many athletes are now incorporating a regular recovery routine into their training plans. Making sure that you’re getting sufficient sleep and the correct nutrition to aid recovery is a great place to start. Including at least one 30-minute compression session in our Elevated Legs will provide additional recovery benefits.

The sequential intermittent compression provided by Elevated Legs works to increase blood flow and speed up your body’s natural process of removing that post-workout accumulation of metabolic waste and lactate. Athletes often experience muscles that feel less sore, fresher, looser and less fatigue after a session in the Legs. These benefits can help you take full advantage of your next workout. The ability to recover more quickly from training sessions can help you to more effectively and consistently maintain (or even increase) your training volume and intensity, and ultimately improve your performance.

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