Vein disorders can affect your quality of life and self-confidence. The Blessing Vein Clinic offers a full spectrum of vein care to provide effective relief and excellent results for a range of vein conditions and symptoms.

Experience the Blessing Difference: Our Vein Clinic

Our skilled care team offers innovative and minimally invasive procedures to treat symptoms stemming from chronic venous insufficiency, or problems with blood vessel circulation.

Patients choose the Blessing Vein Clinic for our:

  • Expertise: Our surgeon Dr. Michael Nellestein is board certified through the American Board of Medical Specialties in cardiothoracic surgery and has undergone extensive additional training specifically for vein disease. He uses advanced, minimally invasive techniques, so you see excellent results with less pain.
  • Focus on vein conditions: Dr. Nellestein is the only full-time vein specialist in the area. Because he focuses exclusively on vein problems, he has a depth of expertise that translates into the highest quality of care for you.
  • Care that focuses on you: Our practice revolves around exceeding expectations for every patient. That means listening thoroughly to your needs and providing effective solutions. We tailor treatments to patients’ specific circumstances. Most patients require 2 to 3 types of treatments that are completed in 1 to 5 visits.
  • Prompt care: We are often able to conduct your consultation and the diagnostic ultrasound—and discuss the treatment results—all in one visit. No referral is necessary.
  • No hidden fees: The vast majority of our treatments are covered by major medical insurance plans. However, we make sure there are no hidden fees. We will provide you with all the cost specifics before moving forward with a treatment plan.

Vein Conditions We Treat

Our care team offers personalized vein care using the most advanced medical technology and medications. Conditions we treat include:

  • Venous insufficiency disorders: When the valves, or flaps, in your blood vessels become damaged, they fail to close properly. This is sometimes referred to as leaky valves, and it means your blood vessels are not allowing blood to flow back to the heart as well as they should. This condition can lead to spider veins and varicose veins.
  • Spider veins: When blood in your leg veins gets stuck in your legs due to leaky valves, spider veins can result. If not treated, the venous insufficiency can worsen, and you could end up with varicose veins. Learn more about spider vein treatment.
  • Varicose veins: Varicose veins are enlarged veins with excess blood caught in them. They can be painful in some instances. Learn more about varicose vein treatment.
  • Venous stasis ulcers: When a venous insufficiency problem causes a wound, it is called a venous stasis ulcer.

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