Blessing Hospital is proud to maintain a reputation for conducting its affairs in accordance with the highest levels of business ethics and in compliance with applicable laws. This reputation has been achieved and maintained through the integrity and ethical standards of our officers and employees. 
Blessing Hospital is committed to ensuring that continued ethical conduct and compliance are achieved through a formal Corporate Integrity Program (CIP). The CIP brings together the compliance efforts of all departments and reports regularly to the finance committee of the Hospital's board of trustees and senior management. 

The CIP provides a formal process for preventing, detecting, or correcting any instances of noncompliance in our organization. It also aids you as a patient by ensuring that updates and changes in laws, rules and regulations are promptly communicated and put into place in appropriate departments.

As a role model for other hospitals and as a respected business leader in our community, Blessing Hospital is committed to creating an atmosphere of excellence by encouraging all employees to actively participate in accomplishing effective organizational compliance. Blessing Hospital is proud to set this standard to benefit its employees and the community in which we serve. 

For more information on Blessing's Corporate Integrity Program, call Pam Stuart, at (217) 223-8400, ext. 7899.

For additional information on corporate compliance and other areas of assistance, please visit any of the following websites:

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