About Me

Dr. Brittney Moore has an inspirational and motivational way of describing how she works with her patients.

“I help people identify their strengths and ways they can use those strengths to overcome their challenges and meet their full potential,” she said.

Neuropsychology focuses on the behavioral aspects of brain function, relating what the patient is experiencing behaviorally to how their brain is functioning, leading to diagnosis and treatment.

“It’s like a puzzle. I put together the pieces to understand someone’s life and how to help them.”

The Quincy native says her work is rewarding.

“I have had moments where a person has been misdiagnosed their entire life, or something has been missed - particularly related to autism. Being able to provide clarity and diagnosis has been life-changing for these patients and how they view themselves.”

When not helping patients change their lives, Dr. Moore is busy with her two children and two dogs enjoying the great outdoors. She also enjoys cooking and baking.

Education & Training

Medical Education
Ball State University

Special Interests

Prenatal Substance Exposure