About Me

An athlete during high school, Dr. Park knows sports and brings his passion to excel to patients.


“The patient most often recounts the situation that led to their injury. My job is to link together their recollections to determine what specific injury we are dealing with and to develop the treatment plan for it.”
“Developing a successful treatment plan requires understanding the patient’s values.”

Dr. Park prides himself on a strong work ethic, a trait he learned from his role models.

“My parents are my role models. They have always worked hard and that example has made me a better clinician. They taught me the importance of strong values.”

“I chose medicine – and sports medicine in particular - because of the opportunity to help people, to connect with them and to develop a genuine relationship built on trust.”

And when not in the exam room, you might find Dr. Park in the gym working out.

Education & Training

Medical Education
Medical College of Wisconsin
Hennepin County Medical Center
Sports Medicine at Southern Illinois University in Quincy