About Me

As long as I remember, I have always been interested in the medical and science field. I have also always had a strong desire to help others. It only made sense that I go into a medical profession. Helping people to improve and maintain their health and well being is something I am truly passionate about.

In Orthopedic Trauma, patients are seen across all spans of life. I find it very important to individually assess each patient to determine their level of functioning prior to injury. I believe working together with the interdisciplinary team in order to help them achieve the best outcome is imperative. 

I want to get to know my patients and be able to relate to them. When determining a plan of care, involving family and other care takers when needed is important to me. I want to know the patients goals and expectations. I feel that knowing what kinds of things the patient likes to do and what a typical day looks like for them is essential in providing proper treatment. I want to make sure I am addressing any concerns, fears, complaints and questions they may have. I also want to help them understand the medical side of things so they know the "why" behind treatments, procedures and care.

Overall, I believe helping the patient achieve a sense of trust, and helping them feel at ease is necessary. 

Education & Training

Medical Education
Bradley University
Board Certification
American Nurses Credentialing Center