About Me

He learned the art and science of medicine in cities on the east and west coasts, but the bright lights are not for Dr. Gonzalez.

“I’m a country dweller because I prefer the human connection in country living.” said this father of five. “Living in a city, for some reason, makes me have my guard up, and I prefer not to live that way.”

Dr. Gonzalez grew up with a front row seat to the power of human connection. His great-grandfather, grandfather and father were morticians.

“What was most interesting for me growing up was the human connection in our family business: especially the words of encouragement Dad had for families, and how he helped them handle the difficult situation of losing a loved one” he remembers. “That human interaction was very important to me seeing how to handle difficult life events, leading me to medicine and nephrology, where relationships between the provider and patients are deep and long term.”

Dr. Gonzalez uses the people skills learned from his father - listening, empathy, transparency, truthfulness, and compassion - with every patient and family he encounters.

“During difficult life events, empathy and compassion are critical in empowering patients and families understand their illnesses and how they can get better.”

Education & Training

Medical Education
University of Puerto Rico School of Medicine
Board Certification
American Board of Internal Medicine certification in Nephrology
University of California - General Nephrology
University of Miami School of Medicine - Interventional Nephrology

Special Interests

Kidney Disease
Kidney Failure
Acute Kidney Injury