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Loretta Baustian, DO
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Medicine has changed quite a bit since I first started medical school. Our families not only rely on us to help their kids grow well, eat well and fight off the common cold. They also look to us for advice on how to keep them safe at home, in the classroom and on the computer.

Today, pediatricians provide much more advice and support to families over and above general healthcare. We need to know how to listen to our patients and their parents. We have not only our patient, but often times the entire household to care for, sometimes two or three households. This provides quite a few challenges to the practice of pediatric medicine. We must ensure that the advice we give is “do-able” given the family dynamics.

I come from a very large and noisy family. Perhaps that is why I embrace and enjoy the challenges of a noisy pediatric practice. It is an honor and privilege to care for our youngest and most innocent patients. After all, they are our future.