About Me


I enjoy working with people of all ages. Helping patients with their problems and coming up with a solution is very gratifying. I like to make great first impressions by taking the time to get to know my patient and their medical history. I treat all my patients like family and it takes time to do this. I also get my patient’s family involved in the discovery of their condition, as well as the treatment plan and overall road to recovery.

My accessibility to both my patients and their families is imperative to providing great care. Therefore, I always strive to be available for a visit or phone call. I think I help patients in many ways, one of which is my 25 years of orthopedic and sports medicine experience. I am able to diagnose with confidence and provide experienced care with good outcomes, which allows me to maintain good relationships with my patients. I make sure to communicate the treatment plan to my patients, and if the condition warrants, we use a collaborative approach to ensure the best treatment plan is employed. I think it is important for my patients and their families to be well informed so they know what to expect when they choose me for their orthopedic care.

Education & Training

Medical Education
University of Missouri
Board Certification
American Nurses Credentialing Center

Special Interests