CAREGIVER APPRECIATION: Cardiovascular Unit Staff - Mackenzie Snyder, RN; Mackenzie Greving, RN; Shelby Kite, RN; Maeve Rost, RN; Madelyn Vahle, RN; and Shane Stanford, RN of Centralized Staffing

"On December 14, 2022, our grandpa walked into Blessing Hospital to undergo a triple bypass open heart surgery. During the two weeks that our grandpa was here, he was on a ventilator along with many other tubes, wires, machines and was continually fighting for his life. On December 27th, we made the ultimate decision to continue out the rest of his days on Hospice and unfortunately, on December 29th, our grandpa passed away. During his two weeks stay here, his care alone from the nurses and team on CVU was absolutely exceptional. These nurses took the time to sit down with our family and simplify the things we did not understand, stood with us while we cried, held onto us during one of the worst imaginable times that no family wants to go through, and truly took the extra steps to make sure our entire family, especially our grandma, was taken care of day in and day out. These nurses continually kept our family updated through his constant change in care and did not leave the room without asking, ‘Is there anything I can do for you or get you?’.

Our family cannot say enough good things to recognize the care, compassion and empathy these nurses gave to us throughout our stay. We walked in not expecting to have to walk out without our grandpa. They truly made light in one of our darkest times and for that, we are forever thankful. Our grandpa was one of the most caring individuals this world has ever known. He had a heart full of love and genuinely, he would have been so proud of these nurses and the care they gave to him all the way through until his last breath. Mackenzie Greving even took the time to make our entire family each a vial with a strip of our grandpa’s heartbeat inside. That is truly a keepsake that each one of us will cherish for the rest of our lives. These nurses treated him as if he was their grandpa, too. Even though our outcome was not what we could’ve ever wished for, the transition to figuring out a new way of life without our grandpa physically here with us was made so much smoother with the help of these nurses on CVU and their entire team. We seriously thank you for all that you have done for us. Nursing is truly a work of heart, every nurse we encountered wholeheartedly chose the right field. Every single nurse that took care of our grandpa will forever have an impact in all of our hearts. I know our angel up there is looking down and thanking each one of them for the care they gave. They truly are angels on Earth. Blessing is so lucky to have each one of them."


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