CAREGIVER APPRECIATION: Jenny Vaughan, RN, Blessed Beginnings/Obstetrics

"During my labor and delivery experience in December of 2022, Jenny was my nurse. She was there during the worst part of my labor process and continued to encourage and listen to me about my level of pain and how well I was doing. She continued to show compassion when I could no longer handle the pain and suffering and didn’t think I could go any longer, she reassured me that there was a sweet baby at the end of the tunnel. She prepped me for my C-section as I was crying in pain and continued her great care after it was all over. I hope that all patients get to experience Jenny’s compassion for nursing and helping others."


When you recognize someone and make a donation, your "Blessing Angel" will receive a personalized certificate and a special angel pin to proudly wear each and every day, knowing they made a difference in your experience here at the Blessing Health System.

How To Nominate a "Blessing Angel":

  • Complete the online donation and nomination form located here.
  • When filling out the form you will select Who's Your Angel Nomination and then will be asked to tell us about your "Blessing Angel" and how they made a difference.  
  • Once your nomination is submitted and reviewed the "Blessing Angel" will be presented with a personalized certificate and angel pin to thank and recognize them for the exceptional care that they provided.


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