CAREGIVER APPRECIATION: Tim Kayser, Blessing Security Officer

"Recently security guard Tim Kayser was extremely helpful with a patient in the Emergency Department/Psych. Tim is always compassionate and authentic with the patients but this patient took all of his skills and abilities to redirect. No restraints were needed. He was present throughout the day in the Emergency Department/Psych knowing that we needed help. I feel it is very important to recognize coworkers who are always willing to assist with the quality of care we provide."


When you recognize someone and make a donation, your "Blessing Angel" will receive a personalized certificate and a special angel pin to proudly wear each and every day, knowing they made a difference in your experience here at the Blessing Health System.

How To Nominate a "Blessing Angel":

  • Complete the online donation and nomination form located here.
  • When filling out the form you will select Who's Your Angel Nomination and then will be asked to tell us about your "Blessing Angel" and how they made a difference.  
  • Once your nomination is submitted and reviewed the "Blessing Angel" will be presented with a personalized certificate and angel pin to thank and recognize them for the exceptional care that they provided.


For more information about the Blessing Foundation or to discuss a donation or gift, call (217) 223-8400, ext. 4800, or email us at