Overview, Hours And Directions

Diagnostic Center - 927 Broadway
927 Broadway,
Blessing Health Center West Suite 132,
Quincy, IL 62301
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Health Center West


Blessing Health Center, West Entrance
927 Broadway, Quincy, IL

Hours of Operation

  • The Diagnostic Center at 927 Broadway is no longer open on weekends. Patients can go to Blessing Health Center - 4800 Maine for any weekend lab draw or imaging needs. 

  • Monday–Friday 6:00 am – 6:30 pm


  • Electrocardiogram (EKG) is a brief and painless procedure that measures the heart’s electrical activity to evaluate cardiovascular disease. Doctor order is required, and no appointment is necessary.

  • Laboratory test results are typically available to doctors within 24 hours. However, some specialized tests and cultures must be sent out for detailed evaluation and therefore require additional time for final results. Doctor order is required, and no appointment is necessary.

  • In-Motion X-Ray also known as dynamic digital radiography, is a low dose x-ray that takes a series of images very quickly while the patient is in motion and allows physicians to see the inside of the body as it moves. A doctor’s order is required, but no appointment is necessary.

  • X-Ray: Skilled technologists provide X-ray imaging on a walk-in basis. An X-ray, or picture taken with high-energy photons with a short wavelength, takes only a few minutes to complete. Doctor order is required, and no appointment is necessary.

  • 3T MRI: Blessing Health Services utilizes 3T MRI imaging. This device utilizes a magnetic field strength twice as powerful as conventional MRI systems, providing extremely clear and vivid images during a shorter scanning time for patients. 3T MRI imaging can capture images of smaller organs, like the prostate, that were unable to be imaged as clearly previously. 

Contact Us

To learn more about available services at Blessing’s Diagnostic Center or to schedule an appointment, please call (217) 223-8400, ext. 7450.

Refer a Patient

If you are a doctor who wants to refer a patient to the Blessing Diagnostic Center, please call (217) 223-8400, ext. 7450.