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Emergency Room - Blessing Hospital
11th & Broadway,
1st Floor,
Quincy, IL 62301
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Emergency Center

No matter if it is day or night, our team of emergency medicine specialists can provide care for all types of injuries and conditions. We are known for:

  • Treating the most serious health conditions: As a Level II trauma center, a Chest Pain Center and a Primary Stroke Center, we treat the most life-threatening conditions. Learn more about how we care for strokechest painand heart attacks.

  • Leading in emergency medicine: As the emergency medical services resource hospital for all surrounding counties, we oversee the training of all paramedics, EMTs and other first responders. We also consult with other area hospitals on emergency care and partner with Air Evac Lifeteam to quickly transport critically injured patients via helicopter. This 24/7 helicopter airlift service transports patients to Blessing Trauma Center from the scene of an accident or from a smaller hospital that does not have trauma capabilities.

  • Depth of expertise: Our trauma team includes healthcare providers with specialized expertise in treating traumatic injuries. Team members include:

    • Trauma surgeons for the evaluation and treatment of critically injured patients

    • Neurosurgeons for treatment of brain and spinal cord injuries

    • Orthopedic trauma surgeons for multiple bone breaks and complex fractures

    • Cardiovascular surgeons for life-threatening heart and vascular injuries

  • Improving the patient experience: We have streamlined our process to move people through quickly, based on how serious their condition is (called triage). We get you into an exam room as soon as possible. Our average “door to doctor” time is 23 minutes, which is below the national average. From 11 a.m. to 11 p.m. we have a nurse in the waiting room, assessing people and sometimes even starting treatment. We also see people with less serious injuries or conditions in our Walk-In Clinic next door, or at Blessing Express Clinic in Quincy.

  • Offering compassionate care: Coming to an emergency room can feel overwhelming and disorienting. This is why our healthcare providers are trained in customer service. If a nursing shift change happens while you are here, we include you in the bedside shift report, so you know exactly who will be caring for you and what information they have.

  • Providing emergency care for children: We are recognized by the Illinois Emergency Medical Services for Children (EMSC) as an emergency department approved for pediatric care.


If you are having an emergency, call 911 immediately. For information about Blessing’s Emergency Department, call (217) 223-1200.