Blessing Hospital is prepared to meet the region’s surgical needs into the future with the completion of its year-long Surgical Services expansion project. A hybrid operating room hosted its first procedure on February 27 and the new multipurpose operating room opened on February 14.

The additional surgical suites will enhance the quality and safety of surgical services, retain surgeons currently serving the region and attract new ones, and bring new types of procedures to the community. A virtual tour of the new spaces can be viewed at

Hybrid OR- Leading Edge Technology

Hybrid ORs combine the features of a traditional surgical suite with advanced imaging capabilities needed to perform the latest minimally invasive surgical procedures. The combination of equipment in one room creates a care environment dedicated to complex, minimally invasive procedures with the ability to convert to an open procedure surgical suite.

“Our hybrid room is really cutting edge technology in terms of what is necessary for vascular surgeries and even some cardiac procedures,” said Elliot Kuida, MPH, Blessing Hospital Chief Operating Officer.

“The hybrid OR benefits the patient immensely,” Kuida continues. “There is no delay or down time for the patient while they are under anesthesia. The hybrid room allows for enhanced imaging before, during and after a specific surgical procedure.”

Tim Smith, DO, vascular surgeon, Quincy Medical Group and Blessing Hospital Medical Staff, is a key member of the team that researched and designed the hybrid OR.

“This OR makes care safer and more comfortable for patients,” said Dr. Smith. “Currently we do an angiogram, the diagnostic procedure, and then schedule the patient for the surgery they need at a later date. The hybrid OR will allow us to do the diagnostic procedure and immediately perform the surgery needed without another hospital visit for the patient.”

“A number of procedures now are part open procedure and part endovascular procedure or minimally invasive,” he continued.

A key feature of the hybrid OR is the latest, robotic imaging system.

“Imaging is 10 times or more improved.  Blessing’s hybrid OR has the same imaging system used at the University of Illinois,” Dr. Smith stated.

“The hybrid room is something you see at hospitals at university centers. We brought that technology here to Quincy.”

Multipurpose OR provides more space

The size of the multipurpose OR, compared to the other multipurpose ORs in Blessing’s Surgery Department, better meets the needs of trauma and orthopedic cases, which often requires the use of large surgical and imaging equipment.

“We are extraordinarily excited about this room,” said Rena Stewart, MD, orthopedic traumatologist, Quincy Medical Group and Blessing Hospital Medical staff. “It increases the capacity to do operations at Blessing; we are becoming such a busy regional trauma center that capacity is important.”

“It’s a true multipurpose room, designed at the highest standards for every type of surgery we want to do within it,” she added. “The growth in OR capacity and sophistication reflects our growth in surgical talent in the community.”

“Having this state-of-the art technology in our community speaks about the commitment of our board to our mission—which is to provide excellent care and improve the health of the community,” said Harsha Polavarapu, MD, General and Colorectal surgeon and member of the Blessing Hospital Board of Trustees.

The expansion project finished on schedule and under budget.  It brings the total number of operating rooms at Blessing’s 11th Street campus in Quincy to 10 and allows all surgical suites to be best equipped for specialized procedures. Blessing also operates three outpatient ORs at the Blessing Surgery Center located in the Quincy Medical Group office complex. Last year, Blessing Hospital performed more than 16,500 surgical procedures.