Amanda Mixer, RN, with patient nominator

Amanda Mixer, RN, Surgical Services/Recovery, Blessing Hospital, became the 35th Blessing Hospital nurse to receive the international DAISY Award.

Through the DAISY award program, patients or their family members, visitors, doctors, hospital staff members or volunteers may recognize the extraordinary care provided by nurses. 

Mixer was nominated by a patient to whom she provided care after a miscarriage. In the nomination, the former patient wrote, “I cried up until I met Amanda. She assured me I was going to survive this awful time. From the moment I met her to the time we said goodbye, she changed my life. Amanda took the time to hold my hand when nobody else would. She talked me through everything, even sharing some of her most personal experiences so that I would have someone to relate to.”

“Amanda made me feel like I had someone who cared about my feelings, more than just the physical ones, but the emotional and mental ones too,” the nomination continued. “When it was time to say goodbye to this sweet angel, I had to hug her. I felt a true human connection with her, a bond that I will hold with me for the rest of my life. Someone who was there for me during the worst time of my life. She was more than a nurse. She was a true angel. I will never forget her.”

Mixer received a certificate, DAISY Award recipient pin, hand-carved stone sculpture entitled, “A Healer’s Touch” sculpted in Africa specifically for DAISY Award recipients, and a DAISY Award banner to display in her department.

DAISY stands for “Diseases Attacking the Immune System.” The family of a 33-year- old man, who died of an immune system disorder, began the program in 1999 to honor his memory by recognizing extraordinary nurses everywhere who make a difference in the lives of people by the work they do every day.  More than 1,900 healthcare providers worldwide participate in the DAISY Award program.

DAISY award nomination forms can be found here