Christina Johnson, Patient Care Tech, Cardiovascular Unit, became the third Blessing Hospital support staff member to receive the Honey Bee Award.

The nomination written by a patient to whom Christina provided care stated, “When I was uncomfortable and upset being admitted to the hospital, this bright, sunshine girl popped into my room and made me feel relaxed and home immediately. Christina has a bright personality and excellent work ethic. When I had to be cared for and was embarrassed, she jumped right in and assured me that there was nothing to work about and took the best care of me.”

Honey Bee honorees personify Blessing Hospital’s remarkable patient experience. The Honey Bee Award complements the DAISY Award. While the DAISY Award is for RNs, the Honey Bee Award is for support staff because, “you can’t have daisies without outstanding honey bees.”

Each Honey Bee Award honoree is recognized during a presentation. They receive a certificate, a tray of sticky buns and a jar of home-grown honey.  The home-grown honey signifies the role support staff plays in extraordinary patient care and customer service; they are the “sticky” honey that binds us together.

Honey Bee award nomination forms are located on all nursing units and other locations throughout Blessing Hospital.