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Bobbi Roberts, Blessing Hospital Honey Bee Award Winner

Bobbi Roberts, transporter, Centralized Staffing, received the Honey Bee Award on Wednesday, May 9, for service she provided while with the Environmental Services department.

Bobbi was nominated by the family member of a patient.  The nomination stated in part, “A hospital stay is always difficult, whether you are a patient admitted for care or a family member who spends hours visiting. One expects a certain level of care and professionalism from the nursing staff. To receive exceptional care from a supporting staff member is like winning the lottery.”

“Receiving a prize is how I felt about Bobbi who, during my father’s first hospital stay, worked in the Housekeeping department. Beyond the knock on the door and pleasant introduction, it was always nice to witness the interactions between my father and Bobbi. She not only explained the tasks she would perform, but engaged in conversation with him. She would take the time to stop by his bedside and share a smile, a funny joke or just a few words that put a smile on his face. Actions like that made his several week stay more pleasant,” the nomination concluded.

The Honey Bee Award complements the DAISY Award. While the DAISY Award is for RNs, the Honey Bee Award is for support staff because you can’t have daisies without outstanding honey bees. Honey Bee honorees personify Blessing Hospital’s remarkable patient experience.

Each Honey Bee Award honoree is recognized during a presentation. They receive a certificate, a tray of sticky buns and a jar of home-grown honey.  The home-grown honey signifies the role support staff plays in extraordinary patient care and customer service; they are the “sticky” honey that binds us together.

Honey Bee award nomination forms are located on all nursing units and other locations throughout Blessing Hospital.