Three weeks into retirement from a job she held for 31 years, 62-year-old Pam Porter decided she needed to get back to work. So, Pam got a new job – actually two of them. She was hired to do patient registration for Blessing Health orthopedic surgeon Dr. Barry Werries. And her other job? 

“I am like a walking billboard for Dr. Werries,” Pam said. “As I am registering patients and they say they are worried about their upcoming surgery or the process, I tell them, ‘I have had each knee replaced by Dr. Werries and you are in good hands.’ The nurses also tell patients that they can talk to me because I have been through the process twice.”

It all started with two years of pain

Before Pam knew of Dr. Werries, she was already very familiar with knee pain.

“It was affecting my work. I was on my feet a lot and my knee would swell.  It would hurt when I went on vacation, and when I would play with my grandkids. I was hurting 24/7.”

A Missouri-based provider diagnosed Pam as needing a knee replacement. She wanted a second opinion and asked a coworker who they would suggest. At the time the coworker told Pam that Blessing was building a new facility at 4800 Maine in Quincy that would have orthopedics. Pam went to the Blessing website and found Dr. Werries.

“I think I can work with him,” Pam remembers saying after reading the doctor’s personal and professional background on the Blessing website. She made an appointment with Dr. Werries who confirmed her need for a knee replacement and explained what she could expect.

“My husband was with me and we both felt really comfortable speaking with him,” Pam said. “I had been in pain for two years at that point.”

She had successful knee replacement surgery with Dr. Werries in April 2021.

Fast forward to September 2023.  By this time, Pam was working for Blessing and Dr. Werries and began to feel pain in her other knee. This time, there was no question who would be her surgeon. After a course of conservative treatments over 6-8 months did not relieve her pain, Pam had her second successful knee replacement by Dr. Werries. ROSA would be there again, too.  


ROSA is robotic assisted knee replacement technology used by Dr. Werries. It delivers 3D images that show suggested sizes and angles of the minimally invasive incisions that will be needed during surgery. The data provided by ROSA allows Dr. Werries to make smaller incisions that reduce scarring, blood loss and pain, can shorten hospital stays and recovery time, and allow a quicker return to daily activities. And the constant feed of data from ROSA to Dr. Werries throughout each knee replacement procedure personalizes care.

“The data ROSA provides allows me to adjust for differences in patients and make each knee feel more natural as it moves within the leg,” Dr. Werries said.

Pam was one of Dr. Werries’ first patients to undergo a ROSA-assisted knee replacement in 2021. The success was repeated with her second knee replacement in September 2023.

“The robot is the best thing,” Pam stated. “With each knee replacement they had me up and walking the day of surgery and I was off of pain pills in three days. I felt so much better so fast. Anyone who will listen to me I tell them they have to have a robotic assisted knee replacement. It’s just the only way to do it.”

“The combination of Dr. Werries and the robot is a good combination.”

Let the pain-free fun begin

Pam is ready for this summer with two good knees.

“I am looking forward to this year’s vacation where I can walk and not be in pain, and not have to be in a chair each night with ice on my knees.”

Her advice to anyone with knee pain is to act sooner rather than later.

“If you are suffering, start the process early so you don’t put yourself through as much pain.”

For more information on the care provided by Blessing Health’s orthopedic team, click here.