Dale Labuary was an award-winning football coach during 27 seasons at Monroe City High School in northeast Missouri. He was inducted into the Missouri Football Coaches Association Hall of Fame in 2006, and into the Missouri Sports Hall of Fame in 2022.

He is also a patient of the Blessing Heart & Vascular Center. Following is a letter he wrote regarding his care team:

“This letter is about a surgical procedure that I had at Blessing Hospital a year ago April. I had been under the watchful eye of my cardiologist, Richard Valuck, MD, for my advancing aortic stenosis. Dr. Valuck recommended that I seek a consultation for the Transcatheter Aortic Valve Replacement procedure (TAVR), due to the severity of my aortic stenosis. Dr. Valuck highly recommended cardiothoracic surgeon Dr. John Arnold and interventional cardiologist Dr. Jeffrey Cook at Blessing Hospital. 

The valve to my aorta had become stiff and was not opening properly. My wife, who is a registered nurse, could hear the loud heart murmur just with her head on my chest - even without her stethoscope. We both knew that it was time to get something done. I was not living my best life. An appointment was made with Drs. Arnold and Cook.

Dr. John Arnold Dr. Jeffrey Cook

The doctors were exceptional and thorough in explaining all the risks and benefits of the procedure. In addition to the doctors there was another exceptional person, Amy Bates APRN-AGACNP, Valve Clinic Coordinator. Amy reiterated the information and set up all the preliminary testing, labs and cardiac rehabilitation.

I can tell you that there were a host of tests that I was to complete to ensure that I was a satisfactory candidate for the procedure, including a thorough dental exam and X-rays to ensure there wasn’t any bacterial infection, a carotid ultrasound, a CT scan, a femoral arteriogram to ensure there was no blockage, echocardiogram and extensive laboratory testing.
I underwent the procedure and was very fortunate to have this team, in addition to the wonderful nurses that took care of me after surgery.

I was on a blood thinner post-surgery, which was monitored very carefully, and I am lucky to say that I only have to take a baby aspirin now daily.
I was fortunate to receive excellent care with competent medical and nursing staff to guide me. I am a retired football coach and I love to hunt and fish and garden. I already have my garden in for this summer. 

I went recently for my one-year appointment follow-up with Amy. She reviewed all my recent tests and completed my one-year questionnaire regarding my procedure. I felt relief in every way.
Please convey my gratitude and appreciation to all the team members who assisted me with my procedure, recovery and rehabilitation.”