On May 3, a year after Ted Dede suffered a terrible hip and elbow fracture in a fall, and his wife Doris fractured her knee cap, the couple were back in the spotlight entertaining area nursing home residents with their musical skills. 

The audience featured a special guest – Blessing Health orthopedic surgeon Bryan Pimlott - the doctor who repaired the Dedes injuries.  He wanted to be in the audience for their triumphant return performance.

Here is what Doris had to say – on behalf of her husband – about Dr. Pimlott and the care he provided them: “Last spring, my husband, aged 83 at the time, took a nasty fall on concrete which resulted in a broken leg and a shattered elbow. Being in our 80’s, this is the first time that we have needed an orthopedic surgeon, so we had no idea just who to call. I doubt that I need to tell you that I was quite emotional when Dr Pimlott joined us.

The first thing that he did that impressed me was to offer his credentials! Never before has a doctor offered that to me and at this point and time I needed all the reassurances I can get. That’s my husband of 65 years lying there and how can I get the best when I have no clue? Not only did Dr Pimlott get that shattered elbow back together, but it is in working order. I might add that Dr Pimlott said Ted’s break was the worst that he had ever seen. Ted has played the keyboard since his teens and we have entertained nursing homes for the past 15 years or so. Thanks to Dr Pimlott’s care, Ted is back to work. I have also been under Dr Pimlott’s care, as I fell and broke my kneecap.

In summary, Blessing Hospital has been blessed to have this doctor on its team. Don’t ever let him leave! Not only does he have an infectious smile -  I’ve never seen him without it - rating his bedside manner on a score of 1 to 10…… he gets a 15! Thank you, Dr Pimlott!”

“I loved it,” Dr. Pimlott said of the Dede’s first performance in a year. “It’s one of the blessings of being a doctor, to see your patient up there having fun. I am glad I was there.”

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