In 2021, the Blessing Express Clinic burst on to the healthcare scene in the Tri-State area, enhancing the care available to people with non-life-threatening illnesses by offering the convenience of drive-through testing and treatment for a variety of conditions.

As with so many other things in life, people often don’t know what healthcare options are available to them until they have a need. That’s how it was for Allison Hall. The Blessing Board of Trustees member, and mother of four children 10 years old and under, did not realize the services provided by Blessing Express Clinic or value of those services until her four-year-old son showed signs of a respiratory illness.

“It was winter and everyone was passing around everything, I knew he had to see a doctor but I just absolutely did not want to bring him and his siblings to a waiting room with other sick children.”

“My husband suggested taking him to Blessing Express Clinic,” Allison continued. “I told him I thought that was a COVID testing center. He said it wasn’t.”

Allison was not wrong. The Blessing Express Clinic was born from the Blessing Flu-Like Illness Screening Center. Blessing established the center during the COVID pandemic to allow people to be tested for the illness in a drive through process without leaving their vehicle, a safety precaution for patients and providers alike when COVID was a new illness.

Great response to a great idea

People responded so favorably to the drive-through healthcare experience that when the pandemic ended, the same principal was used to create Blessing Express Clinic, expanding testing and treatment options to a variety of non-life-threatening illnesses and injuries.

“I took my son and it was phenomenal. Everyone who worked there was top notch. They were so kind to him. He was four and it can be kind of scary. We received the results of his exam super-fast. In less than a half-hour we knew what was going on.”

Two days later - and again a week after that - Allison was back at Blessing Express Clinic when two other of her children also became ill.

“It was so great to be able to stay in the car. My kids had their tablets and were in their pajamas. Hands down, there is nothing else that compares.”

The Clinic also offers exam rooms onsite if needed.

What the Blessing Express Clinic can do for you

In addition to respiratory illnesses, the Blessing Express Clinic team sees patients 18 months and older for allergies; bumps, cuts and scrapes; cold and flu symptoms; ear infections; eye and skin irritations; insect stings or bites; school and sports physicals; sinus infections, sore/strep throat; and urinary tract infections.  Blessing Express Clinic also offers TDAP immunizations, flu shots September through March, and a menu of in-house lab tests.

Blessing Express Clinic is located next door to the Blessing Resource Center, at the east end of the Quincy Town Center property at 420 N. 34th Street. Appointments are not needed, but calling ahead if possible is recommended at 217-214-9626.  Hours are 8 am to 8 pm Monday through Friday, and 8 am to 5 pm on weekends. For more information click here

For our Pike County, Illinois, area friends, the Illini Express Clinic in Pittsfield, on the campus of Illini Community Hospital, also provides drive-through care for a variety of non-life-threatening conditions. For more information, click here.