Blessing Surgical Team

Dr. Myron Jones, Physician, ENT Audiology and surgery team members, Dr. Francisco Delacruz, Anesthesiologist, Quincy Anesthesia Associates; Missy Dahl, RN, Surgical Services/Operating Room; Lisa Farrell, Specialty Team Leader RN, Surgical Services/Operating Room; Sherri Emerick, Surgical Tech, Surgical Services/Operating Room; Lisa Sade, RN, Surgical Services/Recovery; and Corey Sullivan, CRNA, Quincy Anesthesia Associates; received a Who’s Your Angel nomination from parents Jordan and Ty Elsie, of Payson, IL. The Foundation Office presented the Who’s Your Angel awards on June 13 and 18.  

Jordan and Ty stated, “On Friday, May 24th at 12:30 a.m., our 3-year-old son Bentley was rushed to the hospital via EMS for a post tonsillectomy bleed, just one day after surgery. Within 10 minutes of arriving at the Emergency Room, the ENT on call was Dr. Jones and he was there to assess Bentley, as he was losing more blood by the minute. The surgery team rushed Bentley upstairs and Dr. Jones performed emergency surgery on Bentley. 

Blessing Hospital Dr Jones with young patient

About an hour later, Dr. Jones came out to let us know that Bentley was recovering from a brisk arterial bleed that resulted from his tonsillectomy. If it hadn’t have been for Dr. Jones and the surgery team’s quick response, I don't know how much longer our son would have made it. This was easily the scariest night of my husband and I's life and I cannot imagine losing my son that night. We are so incredibly thankful for Dr. Jones and the surgical team, we will never forget that they saved Bentley's life! The surgical team who was present that night was Dr. Francisco Delacruz, Missy Dahl, Lisa Farrell, Sherri Emerick, Lisa Sade and Corey Sullivan.”

The “Who’s Your Angel” program is an opportunity for patients and their families to express theirCory Sullivan, Whos Your Angel Award appreciation to anyone in the Health System who had a positive influence in their healthcare experience. When the donor makes a financial gift of any size in the name of the employee and writes up a story sharing the experience, the Foundation deposits the gift to the patient care area or restricted fund that most closely matches the employee(s) being honored or the reason for the patient’s time with the Health System. This donation was deposited to the Surgical Services Fund. One hundred percent of Foundation gifts are designated to caring for patients in need.  

Any staff member can be nominated for a Who’s Your Angel award, and nomination forms can be found in a surplus of Health System departments from Palmyra to Hannibal, Pittsfield, to Golden and more! For more information regarding the “Who’s Your Angel” program, or giving of any kind to Blessing Health System, contact the Blessing Foundation at 217-223-8400, Ext. 4800, or go online to