About Me

Dr. Javadzadeh followed his grandfather into the career of medicine.

“He was a family physician. It was very interesting to see the impact he had on people. They were always very grateful for the help he had given them.”

It was one of Dr. Javadzadeh’s first patients of his medical residency that helped him discover his calling to psychiatry.

“The patient suffered with schizoaffective disorder. The person refused to speak to anyone else but me. Somehow I was good at making a connection with them.”

“That was something I found throughout my medical training, I was good at building relationships with patients and earning their trust. I was told by the psychiatry attending physician that I had a knack for this type of care, and I really enjoyed working with the patients.”

Dr. Javadzadeh also enjoys an audience and a good laugh.  For 18 months he performed improvisational comedy.

“I liked the creativity that came with it.  I enjoyed the challenge and creating something unique.”

Speaking of a challenge, Dr. Javadzadeh knows seeking behavioral care can be challenging, particularly in rural communities.

“There are resources that can help and you don’t have to suffer. If anyone is interested in help, I am available for them.”

Education & Training

Medical Education
Ross University School of Medicine
Psychiatry - SIU School of Medicine
American Psychiatric Association
American Society of Psychopharmacology

Special Interests

Geriatric Health
Psychotic Disorders
Use of physical exercise in treating mental illness