About Me

I love talking with people, and I love helping them find ways to achieve their goals. It makes me genuinely happy when I see people living a happy and successful life. Medicine is a critical part of that. By helping to heal my patients, I am directly impacting their ability to live the life they want, and that in turn makes me feel happy and fulfilled.

As a medical provider, I am aware that physical health is impacted by more than just the state of the body. Life circumstances, emotional health, and a patient's priorities all influence the medical issues they face. All patients are different in these areas, so there is no method that is right for everyone. For that reason, I try to get to know my patient's personally so that I can be aware of all the factors that might influence their recovery. I do this by listening sincerely to my patient's needs, desires, and fears. This allows the patient and me to work together to craft a treatment plan that works for them and their unique circumstances.

Part of being an excellent provider is letting your patients know that you sincerely care about them. One way I do this is to greet every patient with a smile and show them that I am happy to spend time with them. For me, there is nothing more important than a fellow human being.

Education & Training

Medical Education
Southern Illinois University School of Medicine
Board Certification
Board Certified Physician Assistant