About Me

Although I specialize in cardiology, my interest in caring for people extends beyond the heart, but into the whole person. My practice is integral, meaning that I factor in all aspects of a person in formulating a treatment for disease. This process recognizes that other intangibles like our thoughts, social situation and our emotions all play a role in disease. I have a strong interest in preventative cardiology, including promoting wellness. I believe it is crucial to get to the root cause of an illness and take preventative action, even after disease has set in. The use of yoga, mind-body medicine and nutritional wellness programs are keys to restoring and maintaining balance in our lives and energy.

Modern medicine, and in particular cardiology, has brought us great advances but it does not emphasize healing as an art. It is my intention to recover this lost art of healing and propagate it through my practice and in the health care system itself.

Education & Training

American Board of Internal Medicine - Cardiovascular Disease
Medical School
State University of New York at Syracuse College of Medicine
Beth Israel Medical Center
Beth Israel Medical Center
Beth Israel Medical Center
Direct Line

Special Interests

Diagnostic Cardiology
Event Monitoring
Lifestyle Medicine
Integrative Cardiology