Overview, Hours And Directions

McDonough District Hospital
525 East Grant Street,
Macomb, IL 61455
Phone Number
(217) 223-1200

Blessing Health partners with McDonough District Hospital to make specialty services available to patients in Macomb and the surrounding area. When you are in need of full-service cardiac care, our exceptional team of providers is ready to help, right here at home. Located in the Cardiopulmonary Department on the first floor of McDonough District Hospital, you have access to a wide range of heart and vascular services. This means we’re ready to help with whatever your heart throws your way!

Providers at this location

Heart and Vascular Services

Farooq Junaid, DO - Non-Invasive Cardiology 217-214-3424

Eliot Nissenbaum, DO - Invasive Cardiology - 217-214-3424

Irving Schwartz, MD - Invasive  Cardiology - 217-214-3424

Oleg Yurevich, MD - Electrophysiology - 217-214-3424


Dr. Venu Reddy, Pulmonology - 217-214-6270


Dr. David Lieber, Urology - 217-214-3460