About Me

One of the reasons I went into medicine is that I enjoy taking care of people. My four brothers are all physicians which is another reason I chose medicine as a career.

I chose being a hospitalist because I enjoy all facets of medicine.

When it comes to making good first impressions with patients, I’m professional yet I also want my patients to be comfortable with me. I joke with them, get to know them which helps me treat their conditions.

I want patients to be able to share anything about their health with me, and ask me any questions they may have. I’m very open and honest with all my patients.

I’m humble and I can’t say I’m a good doctor but my patients have always said I am and they trust me.

Part of being a good doctor is having good training. I was trained in a very busy hospital in Las Vegas, giving me the knowledge and experience I need now as a hospitalist. The level of care required is higher in hospitalized patients, and Mountain View has prepared me well for that.

I maintain relationships by first helping my patients and if I do happen to see them again in the hospital, I continue that relationship. I gain information on what has occurred since I last saw them and what has brought them back.

I’m very easy going and try to be accessible to my patients, encouraging them to call me any time.

Education & Training

Medical Education
University of Tripoli
MoutainView Hospital - Internal Medicine
Board Certifcation
American Board of Internal Medicine