About Me

I was born in a poor area with a lack of healthcare. When I was in secondary school, I noticed people going to doctors who were not getting quality care which motivated me to be a doctor. Additionally it was my mother’s dream for me to be a physician.

I wanted the best training possible, I eventually finished my residency and was able to see an amazingly diverse population with many different healthcare needs. I like to help people and relieve their symptoms. I get a great personal satisfaction of helping people - it’s very motivating to me. I make a good first impression by addressing my patients personally, smile, while being very empathetic to their needs.

I share my assessment with my patients and the collaborative team whose goal is to help the patient. I work with a team extensively in the hospital; I enjoy the collaboration and the team goal to coordinate care and provide a great outcome for the patient. With respect to a patient’s family, I work closely with my patient’s family, sometimes the problems are complex and a family’s input can be vital to the optimal outcome.

Special Interests

Respiratory infections (COPD), Chronic Heart Failure, Cardiac Arrythmia, Ulcerative Colitis

Education & Training

Medical Education
Rangpur Medical College
Interfaith Medical Center - Internal Medicine
Sylhet Women's Medical College Hospital - College Hospital
American College of Physicians