About Me

Dr. Law grew up in a small town in northern Illinois. “Most of my family was in the union in one trade or another,” he said. “My uncle was a carpenter and he told me to take the test.”


That led to Dr. Law being a union carpenter for three years before he experienced a life-changing event, the terrorist attacks on 9/11. Dr. Law laid down his hammer and joined the Army. He would do two tours in Iraq.


Not a fan of blood and needles, Dr. Law wanted to be a firefighter in the Army. There were no positions open, so the Army made him a medic, where he became used to blood and needles and found a new career passion as a hospitalist.


An experience as a resident physician with the SIU Quincy Family Medicine program motivates Dr. Law today. A woman who came to him for care, had been hospitalized for a total of 156 days in the year previous. She required no hospitalizations the last year he cared for her.


“The relationship was impactful for both of us,” Dr. Law said.


As a physician, Dr. Law fashions himself after his childhood pediatrician and the physician known as “Moonlight” Graham, featured in the movie Field of Dreams.


“My goals are to be a valuable and active member of the community.”


A sports and Harley-Davidson motorcycle enthusiast, Dr. Law says family time is favorite activity – including his nurse practitioner wife, three children, two dogs and two cats. “It’s a full house, he said.

Education & Training

Medical Education
ATSU Kirksville College of Osteopathic Medicine