Thank you for your interest in a graduate student clinical practicum with the Blessing Health System. Our intent is that you gain high quality, real world experience to meet your educational goals and prepare you for your professional role.

Demand is high for students seeking advanced practice clinical practicums; therefore, it is essential that you follow the following timeline for each clinical practicum you request. 

Step 1: Acceptance to your Program to 6 Months prior to Clinical Practicum

  • Complete Clinical Practicums Request Form for clinical practicum being requested.
    • Lists specific dates (beginning/ending) for each term/practicum.
    • Lists Practicum focuses (Family, Peds, Women’s Health, etc.)
    • Any change occurring after submission must be communicated to Human Resources ASAP.
  • Complete the Educational & Clinical Rotation Application packet.
  • Return completed packet & Practicum Request form to Human Resources at least 6 months prior to requested clinical practicum.
  • Human Resources will contact you regarding availability.

Step 2: At least 6 Months Prior to Beginning Clinical Practicum

  • Confirm with Human Resources that all necessary or required information has been obtained by our Human Resources team.
  • Human Resources will notify you that clinical practicum is in order to date.

Step 3: 2-3 Months Prior to Clinical Practicum

  • Confirm with Human Resources that Practicum is still scheduled as to dates, location(s) and preceptor(s).

If your plans or your Clinical Practicum Calendar changes, it is critical you make Blessing Human Resources aware as soon as possible to determine whether we are able to accommodate the changes for the clinical practicum opportunities available.

If the confirmed preceptor is unable to fulfill the practicum, the student is responsible to contact the school. The new preceptor will need to complete the school’s required Agreement to Precept paper work if we are able to provide a new practicum.


  • Students who are Blessing Employees must not access the eHR with their employee access. A student sign-in/access will be provided for use during your clinical practicum.

Please contact Blessing Human Resources at 217-223-8400, ext. 6838 to coordinate your rotation and for any questions.