Service Area Opportunities

    • Blessing Beginnings Maternity Unit: Volunteers assist staff in providing quality service to families and staff. They also assist in ensuring the safety and privacy of patients by helping to monitor all visitors to the unit.
    • Blessing Foundation: Volunteers provide “on-call” office assistance for special projects. Must be mobile and able to sit and stand for short periods of times.  
    • Blessing Health Center (Lobby Reception Desk): Volunteers provide assistance to the patients and to the departments of the Blessing Health Center by helping visitors locate office destinations and assisting with the transportation of patients if needed. 
    • Cancer Center: Volunteers provide assistance and support to patients receiving oncology services at Blessing Hospital. Other requirements may apply.
    • Central Services: Volunteers assist staff  by bundling and packaging supplies used by patient floors. Volunteers also assist with labeling, stocking, and delivering supplies. The ability to withstand periods of standing and walking is necessary.
    • Chaplain: A volunteer chaplain is a licensed or ordained area clergy member who serves a minimum of 10 hours per month visiting patients and families in need. Patients visited are selected on expressed need, crisis intervention, particular patient category, and other spiritual needs.
    • Chaplain Assistant: A Chaplain Assistant is a lay person from an area church. These volunteers visit selected patients to provide spiritual and emotional support and to inform the patients of services available through Blessing Hospital’s Chaplaincy Program. Chaplain Assistant volunteers must have their church’s endorsement as well as complete special orientation and additional training requirements.
    • Child Care: Volunteers assist with the supervision, care, education, and entertainment of the children enrolled in Child Care. Volunteers should enjoy interacting with children and have general knowledge of their care, feeding, and supervision. One-on-one volunteers are also needed at times. Approval from Early Childhood Center Director is required.
    • Comfort Bears: Volunteers help provide stuffed bears for children visiting the Emergency Department.  Sewing skills and craft skills are necessary.  This service can be done from home.
    • Communion Ministers: Volunteers provide Communion to the Catholic patients in the hospital and spend time with them in prayer, if requested. Other requirements may apply.
    • Discharge team: Volunteers assist with transporting discharged patients. Mobility, the ability to push a patient in a wheelchair, and excellent communication skills are required.
    • Educational Services: Volunteers assist with office tasks on a weekly basis. Hours are flexible.
    • Emergency Department Patient Advocate: Volunteers serve patients, families, and staff of the Emergency Department. Excellent communication and people skills are necessary. Other requirements may apply. Evening and weekend hours available.
    • Hospice: Volunteers become a part of the Hospice team and serve in several Illinois counties. Volunteers can provide emotional support and practical assistance which will enhance the comfort and quality of life for Hospice patients and families.  Hospice volunteers receive specific training to prepare for this rewarding opportunity. Other requirements may apply. Call 217-223-8400 ext. 4706  if interested in becoming a Hospice volunteer.
    • Illini Community Hospital: select departments, along with Chaplaincy services provided by the Pike County Ministerial Alliance.
    • Information desk and way-finding volunteers: Volunteers serve alongside information desk employees and assist with escorting patients and visitors to their location. The volunteer must be mobile and be able to push patients in a wheelchair. Excellent customer service skills are required. “Way-finding” volunteers may also be stationed at other hospital entrances to assist patients and visitors.
    • Knitters: Volunteers knit or crochet baby afghans, baby caps, and hats for cancer patients. Written instructions are available in the Volunteer Office. Knitters are advised to check on current supplies of afghans and caps.
    • M.E.N. (Messenger Escort Network): Volunteers provide escort and transportation services to those requesting assistance from and to the front lobby and throughout the campus.  Volunteers also assist with transporting records, supplies, and patient equipment between departments.  Volunteers must be mobile and be able to push patients in wheelchairs.  Excellent customer skills are important.
    • Nurse Server Replenishment: Volunteers support the staff on patient floors by replenishing the nurse servers. Must be detail oriented and mobile; hours are flexible. Some physical capabilities such as reaching and bending are necessary.
    • Patient Courier: Volunteers deliver cards, emails, and flowers to patients and employees. Must be mobile and enjoy bringing sunshine to patients.
    • Peer-to-peer volunteers: Volunteers with a past history of certain health issues may elect to complete training and serve by listening and providing encouragement to patients.
    • Pet Therapy: Dog lovers/owners may work with trained and certified dogs to brighten patients’ days. Other restrictions may apply.
    • Print Shop: Volunteers support print shop staff with a variety of duties.  This may be regularly scheduled service or on call when needed.
    • Teresa Adams House: Volunteers serve as host or hostess and resource personnel for patients and families staying at the Teresa Adams House. Volunteers register guests, orientate guests, and check out guests at the completion of their stay. The House is staffed by a volunteer 12 hours daily including weekends and holidays.  This is a great service for couples or friends to serve together.
    • Reception or Waiting Room Desk: Volunteers must be compassionate and have excellent customer service skills. Units include: Pain Management and the Prep Clinic, Cardiovascular Unit (CVU), Intensive Care Unit (ICU), Surgical Services, Surgery Center of Quincy, and others. Some units may require volunteer to be mobile and able to push patients in wheelchairs. 
    • Rehabilitation Department: Volunteers plan and organize weekly group activities for rehab patients.  Activities can include crafts and other creative projects.  Pet therapy volunteers are also welcomed in the Rehabilitation Department.
    • Shuttle Driver: Volunteer drivers operate the shuttle between the parking lot and the front entrance of the hospital and the south entrance of the Cancer Center.  Volunteers must hold a current and valid driver’s license as well as possess excellent vision and coordination for driving.  Volunteer driving record must meet Motor Vehicle Records standards.
    • Special Projects: Volunteers consent to be on an “on-call” list for special hospital projects.  These projects may include United Way Fundraisers, Community Health Fairs and screenings, etc.  These projects may be on or off campus.
    • Staff Support (short term): Volunteers consent to be on an “on-call” list for office phone coverage or for special office projects. Volunteers must be comfortable answering the phone and greeting visitors for office coverage assignments.  Other office projects can include computer input, sorting handouts, etc.  Volunteers may be asked last minute to help with these assignments.
    • Stuffmasters: Volunteers are “on- call” to assemble packets or to complete other hospital projects.
    • Tea Room Gifts and Cafe: Volunteers may choose to be a waitress or a cashier in Blessing’s busy Tea Room.  The Tea Room is operated by Blessing Volunteers In Partnership and profits earned are given to Blessing Hospital for patient care and equipment.  Morning and afternoon shifts are available.

    Volunteering Requirements:

    • Volunteer orientation: training on HIPAA, infection control, ICARE standards of behavior
    • Fingerprint background check.
    • Sign a Confidentiality Agreement
    • Volunteers must be compassionate and enjoy working with patients, families, and visitors. Smiles are mandatory!  
    • Shuttle drivers need to meet Motor Vehicle Records standards. 
    • Child Care volunteers also have additional health requirements.
    • A TB test for all new volunteers is recommended and provided by the hospital.
    • Flu Shots are mandatory. If a volunteer declines or is unable to have a flu shot, he/she must wear a mask when volunteering in the event a flu epidemic is declared by the health department.  
    • Other requirements may apply for some service areas.

    Most volunteer shifts are four hours and a minimum of two volunteer shifts per month is recommended.  Volunteer Services staff arranges for substitutes for most service areas when needed.  

    Volunteer Benefits

    • Free beverage (soda, bottled water, or coffee) during shift
    • Discount in the cafeteria
    • Blessing Wellness Center access (after 48 hours of service)
    • Hospital services discount (after one year and 48 hours of service)

    Contact Us

    For more information or to join our volunteer team please call (217) 223-1200 or click here to fill out an online form.