An Air Evac membership offers you the security of knowing you or your loved one, in a life- or limb-threatening emergency, will have quality on-the-scene medical care, the quickest means to the hospital, and transfer from hospital to hospital when you need to be in a high-level care facility, such as Blessing. Most importantly, you will have a chance to live.

Within any one of our service areas, the life team will fly the Air Evac medical helicopter right to you. The life team will provide necessary care and take you to the closest definitive care hospital most capable of attending to your specific needs, even if it is outside of the service area.

An Air Evac membership can save you money if you ever need emergency helicopter service. A single emergency flight can cost thousands of dollars. If you are an Air Evac member and are transported in a life or limb situation, Air Evac will bill your insurance and whatever they pay will be considered payment in full. Even those who have no insurance will not be charged if they are members. The entire bill will then be written off. Members do not have any out-of-pocket costs.

Membership plans – (plans cover all household members who use your address as their home, i.e., significant others, children away at college, living in a home regardless of household size. Senior memberships are for those age 60 and older):

  • 1-year regular membership: $85 / senior membership: $65

  • 3-year membership: $240 / senior membership: $180

  • 5-year membership: $395 / senior membership: $300

  • 10-year membership: $765 / senior membership: $575

If you would like additional information on the Air Evac membership, click here and complete the form and we will mail you an application, or click here to download a form.