Interpreter Services & Hearing Impaired Services

  • For Hearing Impaired Interpreter Services - the hospital relies on certified ASL interpreters through our contracted through partner.
    • This service is accessible on certain laptops serviced by IS.
    • The equipment is available via the help desk, and inpatient care coordination staff.
  • When using the interpreter services for Hearing Impaired Interpreter Services remember the following:
    • Position the device on a table or desk, where the patient can fully see the interpreter on the screen
    • Staff and providers should speak slowly and loudly for the interpreter to fully understand information.
  • Patients and visitors have the right to request face to face interpreter services. However, there are limited individuals with the appropriate level of certification required for Hospital related interpreting.
    • The availability of these individuals to provide service varies.
    • To request in person interpreters for Hearing Impaired persons, contact inpatient care coordination or John McDowell at ext. 4532.

Patients can refuse to use the hospital provided interpreter service for basic communication and use their own family or friends for interpreting-only if the refusal is documented in the patient record.