As a member of the Blessing Health System, you have access to the Blessing Wellness Center, which offers all the tools you need in your wellness journey. In our state-of- the-art facility, our qualified staff members work with you to help set and manage your health and wellness goals.

Experience the Blessing Difference

The Blessing Wellness Center is available to all Blessing Health System employees, active volunteers, students enrolled in a Blessing-affiliated program, board members, and Be Well at Work members. By joining the Blessing Wellness Center,you can take advantage of the following:

  • Complete Range of Services:
    • Cooking demonstration classroom
    • Personal training
    • Health education programs
    • Group exercise programs
    • State-of-the-art fitness equipment:
      • Keiser M3 indoor cycles
      • Indo-Row
      • Bodhi Suspension System
      • Barre classrooms
      • Cybex strength equipment
      • Touchscreen cardio equipment by Cybex, TRUE, Octane, and Stairmaster
  • Convenience: The Blessing Wellness Center is open from 24/7/365, including holidays.  Located conveniently at 4917 Oak Street in Quincy, the Blessing Wellness Center can be reached by calling (217) 214-5858 or via email at Once registered, you will have a keycard, or you can use the Blessing Wellness Center app on your mobile phone to access the Wellness Center.


Wellness Center Portal

Members of the Blessing Wellness Center have access to the Member portal, the Responsible Party Portal, and the Blessing Wellness Center app available for iphone and android devices. Through the portal and app, you can view, register, and purchase group exercise classes and Wellness Center services.

Wellness Center Group Services

The Blessing Wellness Center offers a variety of group services to help you reach your health goals. Any member can take part in health and wellness services, including personal training, nutrition counseling, yoga private instruction, and wellness coaching. Session pricing includes:

  30 minute Session 60 minute session
1 Session Package $25 $50
5 Session Package $100 $200
10 Session package $175 $350

Members can also attend group exercise classes. With the use of our Blessing Wellness mobile app or the member portal, you can easily sign up, see what classes are available, and purchase group plans. Classes change often, so check with the Blessing Wellness Center to see what is currently available.

Drop-in Class $7
5 Class Package $25
10 Class Package $40
20 Class Package $70

Blessing Wellness Center Resources

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