Denman Services, Inc. offers quality products, specialized expertise, reliability, convenience and cost savings to the health care industry. From durable medical equipment and custom-fit wheelchairs to health care linen processing and hospital medical equipment repair, each business specializes in a unique aspect of the health care industry.

Denman Services, Inc. features seven separate business ventures:

Our Mission

True human connection to health

Our Vision

Denman Services, Inc. is an entrepreneurial spirited company focused on long-term results and success through building loyal relationships and partnerships.

Our Values


Initiative: We continuously learn and improve. We embrace and act on change. We are proactive in earning and maintaining the trust of all customers.

Communication: We use AIDET (Acknowledge, Introduce, Duration, Explanation and Thank You). We find answers to questions and are a positive voice for the Blessing Health System. We report concerns regarding compliance and privacy.

Accountability: We put the needs of customers first. We actively work to achieve the organizational goals, follow through on commitments, and role model confidentiality and the highest ethical standards.

Respect: We honor diversity. We do not engage in negativity or gossip, and uphold the personal privacy, dignity and rights of all customers. We greet and offer assistance to all with whom we come in contact.

Exceed Expectations: We seek ways to exceed customer expectations. We give customers 100 percent of our attention, expert care, and show empathy to every customer, every time.

Our Leadership

Rick Kempe, MA, FACHE
President and CEO

Gregg Hamilton
Vice President, Operations

Susan Long
Vice President, Finance

Our Board of Directors

Jack R. Sharkey, Chair
Todd Moore, Vice Chair
John Duryea
Gary Gillespie
Maureen A. Kahn, President/CEO, Blessing Corporate Services
William M. McCleery, Jr.
Nanjappa Somanna, MD
Richard Kempe, MA, FACHE, President/CEO
Patrick Gerveler, Vice President/Treasurer
Susan Long, Secretary, Vice President, Finance
Gregg Hamilton, Vice President, Operations

Contact Us

To learn more about Denman Services or contact a member of our team, please call (217) 223-3197, option 1, or email