When you leave the hospital with instructions for home care, your list of supplies or equipment can be a lot to manage. At Denman Services, our friendly, expert staff can help. A regional provider of medical supplies and equipment, we serve patients of Blessing Health System, Hannibal Regional Healthcare System, Illini Community Hospital, McDonough District Hospital, and other healthcare facilities.

Whether you are leaving the hospital to continue your recovery at home or managing a chronic condition, the experienced staff at our medical equipment and supply stores can provide everything you need.

Experience the Denman Difference: Medical Equipment for Home

As a regional leader in durable medical equipment and supplies, Denman Services is focused on helping you remain as healthy and independent as possible. A member of Blessing Health System, we are part of your continuum of care, whether you are a patient of Blessing or any other regional healthcare facility. At Denman Services, you will find:

  • Four locations: We cover the entire region, with 4 Denman-owned durable medical equipment stores to meet your needs. Locations include:
  • Respiratory therapists at each store: Having a respiratory therapist on staff means we offer clinical guidance and follow-up care. One-on-one care for CPAP/BiPAP patients is essential for helping you get accustomed to the equipment. We also make sure that the mask is working for you and helping you the way it should. Our stores also offer specialized equipment, such as non-invasive home vents and the AffloVest.
  • Accreditation: Our durable medical equipment holds accreditation from the Accreditation Commission for Health Care (ACHC).  
  • Delivery: Each store offers delivery and setup for in-home and portable oxygen therapy, hospital beds and other medical equipment and supplies. Most importantly, we make sure you understand how to use the equipment before we leave. Supplies can be drop-shipped to your home.
  • Medical Guardian Personal Response: Each location offers this personal response service that provides help 24 hours a day. The Medical Guardian service comes with a lightweight, waterproof help button for you to wear. If you fall or need assistance, you simply push it to reach an operator, who can call a friend, neighbor or relative to check on you. The operator can also call for emergency or professional medical help if needed.
  • At home care for equipment.

Contact Us

To learn more about Denman Services’ medical equipment and supplies, call (217) 221-5551 or email info@denserv.com.