Experience the Blessing Difference: Critical Care

Patients receiving care in the Intensive Care Unit (ICU) at Blessing Hospital benefit from:

  • Depth of expertise: Our Critical Care Team is specially trained and equipped to deal with complex injuries and illnesses. Our team includes:
    • Intensivists: An Intensivist, also referred to as a Critical Care Provider, is a provider who has advanced training and experience in treating complex illnesses and injuries. Our intensivists work with various providers and specialties to ensure the patient is providing the highest level of care.
    • Nurses: The nurses in our ICU are highly skilled to provide all aspects of care for patients with severe injuries or illnesses. Nurses in the ICU play a crucial role in providing direct care and communicating with both physicians and the patient’s family.
    • Respiratory Therapists: Respiratory Therapists are specially trained in providing lung treatments to patients experiencing breathing difficulties.
    • Pharmacists: Pharmacists are experts on medication and work with the team to prescribe the appropriate medication and monitors the effectiveness of the medication during the stay.
    • Physical Therapists: Physical Therapists assist with restoring a function of the body that involves muscles, bones, tissues or nerves. Through therapy, patients can improve their ability to increase mobility. Therapy can also reduce pain and swelling, and help prevent permanent physical disability.
    • Advanced technology: Our ICU features the latest technology to provide a high level of care to our patients, including the Ceribell Rapid Response EEG System to monitor for non-convulsive seizures and the Starling SV Hemodynamic monitor which tracks patients’ levels to reduce the risk of Sepsis.
  • Care that focuses on you: You will see the same familiar, helpful faces caring for you or your loved one throughout the stay. Our team is focused on making true human connections and providing the highest level of care.

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For more information on the services provided in the Blessing Intensive Care Unit, please call 217-223-1200.