Experience the Blessing Difference: Our Blessing Hospital - Hospital Medicine Program

At Blessing we understand that a hospitalization can go more smoothly if you and your family members are aware of the care being provided to you. While at Blessing you may experience the care of one of our hospitalist providers. A hospitalist is a provider specially trained to care for patients while they are in the hospital. 

  • Care that focuses on you: Hospitalists are focused on patients with many complex medical problems that require acute inpatient care. Because they concentrate on hospital care, they are able to devote all their efforts in the care of hospitalized patients. 
  • Team approach: Hospitalists communicate with your family physician regularly during your hospital stay and as a team, they provide you with the best possible care. The hospitalist provider focuses strictly on your care while you are in the hospital. 

Common Questions Asked about the Blessing Hospital - Hospital Medicine Program

We want to make sure that your experience with the Blessing Hospital - Hospital Medicine Program is a positive one.  Below are some frequently asked questions our patients have about the hospitalist program.

  • Why is a hospitalist seeing me? Your family physician may have formed a partnership with the hospitalists to better serve your medical needs, or you may not have yet chosen a family physician and the hospitalist sees you while you are in the hospital.
  • Will I still see my own physician? Your family physician will continue to care for you outside the hospital. The hospitalist will consult with and communicate with your family physician regularly to better care for your overall needs. The hospitalists are, in essence, your physician’s partners here in the hospital.
  • How should my family and I communicate with the hospitalist? The hospitalists are focused on providing you with as much information as possible about the care that you are receiving. They are your partners in your care as much as your family physician. In addition, the nurses that will be taking care of you during your hospital stay work closely with the hospitalist and can also answer many of your questions. Both the hospitalists and nurses are available 24-hours a day, 7-days a week.
  • What happens to me after discharge? When you are discharged from the hospital, the hospitalist will provide a detailed discharge report to your family physician. The report includes all the details of your hospital stay, including diagnoses, medications and all follow-up instructions. 


For information about the Blessing Hospital - Hospital Medicine Program, call 217-223-8400 ext. 4430