When you're recovering from an illness, injury or surgery, Blessing Home Care brings expert, compassionate care directly to you at home where family support and familiar surroundings can make your recovery more comfortable and speed healing. Our specialized nurses and therapists provide comprehensive services including home health, infusion, home medical equipment, therapy, palliative care and hospice.

Through Blessing Home Care, you're assured personal, customized care to help you recover safely and comfortably in the privacy of your own home.

Why Home Care?

Our home care services allow you to stay in your own home while receiving the medical treatments and therapies you need. The advantages of home health care include:

  • Greater independence: At home, you can be yourself, do the activities you enjoy, and receive visitors whenever you like—all while receiving the medical care you need. You’ll have regularly scheduled appointments with your Blessing Home Care team, and have instructions for what you need to do between visits.
  • Family support: When you're recovering, it's often more convenient for family to help take care of you in the home. It provides a familiar, safe environment to help you both physically and emotionally.
  • Lower financial burden: Many of our services are covered by Medicare or third-party insurers. When it is safe and appropriate, home care can cost less than inpatient rehabilitation centers or nursing homes.
  • Shorter hospital stay: Because we provide medical services such as wound care or physical therapy, you may be able to go home earlier from the hospital. You can recover comfortably at home, knowing you will continue to receive expert medical care.
  • Fewer returns to the hospital: With high-quality medical care at home, you are less likely to develop serious complications or other health conditions that may result in hospitalization. We can identify many health conditions in their early stages and treat them before they become serious. Fewer complications mean quicker recovery time for you and a quicker return to your daily activities.

Experience the Blessing Difference: Home Care

Through our expert team, you'll receive the skilled medical care you need right at home. Our comprehensive home care includes:

  • Initial assessment: You'll receive a complete health assessment during our first visit to your home. This includes taking your vital signs, evaluating your health, learning your medical needs and assessing the safety of your home environment. Our goal is to provide all the help you need for a successful recovery at home.
  • Care that focuses on you: We take the time to get to know you and understand your goals and needs. Whether you want to go shopping by yourself or attend a granddaughter’s wedding, we work with you to develop a treatment or rehabilitation plan to achieve your goal. You will have your own case manager, a registered nurse who will coordinate all the therapies and programs you need.
  • Registered nurses, certified nursing assistants and certified therapists: Our staff includes qualified medical professionals with advanced training in their fields of expertise. The medical experts you need will come right to your door.
  • Whole-person care: We treat the whole person—body, mind and spirit. From depression screenings to house safety assessments, we make sure you are safe and have the care and services you need to live well in your home. Learn more about the home care services we provide.
  • Fitness made easy: Blessing Home Care provides free exercise classes in towns around the area. The classes are ideal for people of any age with mild physical limitations. Most classes run 30-45 minutes. The intensity of the exercise is different at each location. 
  • Community commitment. In 2022, Blessing's Home Care received the prestigious Quincy Herald-Whig Readers' Choice Award

Your Home Care Team

Through Blessing Home Care, your comprehensive support team of caregivers makes going home as smooth as possible. The team includes experienced professionals with specialized skills and training in home health care to ensure you have all the care you need to recover safely at home.

We care for patients after a hospitalization, trauma, placement into skilled nursing facility or rehabilitation unit, or a new onset of a disease.

With a focus on recovery, rehabilitation and health education, our dedicated home care team provides a wide range of coordinated health services. The team includes skilled nursing professionals, physical therapists, occupational therapists, speech therapists, medical social workers, and certified nursing assistants.

  • Skilled Nursing provides specialized one-on-one care for you in your home. Blessing Home Care skilled nurses develop an individualized plan of care for you through evaluations, assessments, education and treatments. They also oversee nursing interventions.
  • Home care nurses can assist with chronic disease management, wound care, post-surgical care, or care after recent hospitalization. We work with you and your family and other disciplines to meet your goals and maximize your recovery.
  • Physical therapists provide services to develop, maintain and restore your maximum movement and functional ability. Physical therapy can reduce pain, improve mobility with function, increase strength and flexibility, increase range of motion, proper alignment and more. Therapists help people whose movement and function are threatened by aging, injury, falls, chronic disease, disorders, hospitalizations, surgeries, conditions or environmental factors. They create a treatment plan with you to work toward your goals so you can recover to your fullest potential.
  • Occupational therapists work on your activities of daily living, such as bathing, dressing, cooking, cleaning, and managing communication, finances, and medications. Occupational therapists help you overcome your functional difficulties. Patient-centered therapy helps you achieve your goals so you can live safely and independently with the least amount of assistance required.
  • Speech-language pathologists assess, diagnose and treat not only speech and language disorders but also social communication, literacy, fluency, cognitive communication, along with feeding and swallowing disorders.
  • Medical social workers in home care focus on addressing the health and wellness challenges that you or your loved one may face. In addition to physical care, you also may need support for emotional, financial and social complications that arise due to an injury or illness. Medical social workers in Blessing Home Care can help you deal with the health care system; plan after-care transition, find and navigate resources available, and connect you to counseling support to help process life changes.

Specialized Therapies

As part of your recovery, you may benefit from one or more of Blessing's subspecialties within our therapy departments. Our expert team includes:

  • Neuro-Developmental Treatment-certified therapists to care for adults with stroke or brain injury
  • Lymphedema-certified occupational therapists
  • Vestibular therapy specialist to manage vertigo and balance disorders
  • Speech-language pathologists certified in LSVT (Lee Silverman Voice Treatment) BIG and LSVT LOUD programs for patients with Parkinson's disease

Your Care

Blessing Home Care team's goal is to help you reach the highest level of independence and health. We provide a wide range of well-coordinated, high-quality medical services and resources in your own home to help you manage your health, recover from surgery or illness and regain movement and function after strokes or traumas.

Home care delivers an extra layer of support for patients who have had a decline in functional status and would like to get back to their prior level of functioning wherever they call home.

Our strong team includes more than 30 registered nurses, certified nursing assistants and certified therapists with specialized skills and training in home health care. After we receive orders and referral information from your provider, we will visit you. In addition, our On-Call Nursing Service is available 24 hours a day to answer any home health questions you or your family may have.

We visit you at home to provide services and specialized programs and therapies including:

  • Physical therapy: Our physical therapists help you recover motion and strength after surgery or illness. The sooner you begin moving safely, the shorter your recovery time. Read more about physical therapy.
  • Occupational therapy: We help you relearn familiar tasks or learn new ways of doing them after serious injury, illness or stroke. We help you regain function and physical ability for work, household chores and recreational activities. Learn about occupational therapy.
  • Speech therapy: We evaluate your current ability to listen and speak and provide strategies and tools to help you relearn speech, if needed. In some cases, we may teach you and your family new ways to communicate. Read about our speech therapy.
  • Lymphedema therapy: We have therapists with special certifications in treating lymphedema, which is fluid buildup in your arm or leg after surgery. Learn more about how we treat lymphedema at Blessing.
  • Wound care: We treat wounds to prevent infection, promote healing and make your recovery quicker.
  • Intravenous (IV) treatments: If you need to take medications intravenously (directly into a vein), our nurses can administer them safely and painlessly.
  • Medication instructions and help: We show you how and when to take your medications and can help you order prescriptions by mail.
  • Equipment education: If you need a wheelchair, walker, oxygen mask or other medical aid, we show you how to safely use your equipment.
  • Ostomy specialists: If you have had part of your colon removed, our ostomy specialists can help you adjust to using a colostomy bag. We teach you how to change the bag efficiently and easily and keep everything clean so you can feel confident in your self-care.
  • Congestive heart failure (CHF) program: Our services help you safely increase your endurance and strength. We show you how to take your medications correctly and how to recognize early warning signs that you need to rest. Improving your core health helps you manage the condition.
  • Chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD) program: You can better manage COPD with help from our experienced nurses. We teach you how to prevent panic attacks and how to use your inhaler correctly. You learn strategies for conserving energy, exercises to increase your endurance and other ways to improve your quality of life. We also teach family members how they can help you.
  • Parkinson’s disease therapy: We have a variety of therapies to help people living with Parkinson’s disease. Our 16-week course of exercises can help minimize or prevent freezing episodes, a sudden, temporary inability to move.
  • Fitness made easy: Blessing Home Care provides free exercise classes in towns around the area for people of any age with mild physical limitations. Most classes run 30-45 minutes. The intensity of the exercise is different at each location. View locations. 

Your Questions

Do I qualify for Home Health Services?

The Medicare Skilled Home Health benefit is a program of care and support for patients recovering from illness, injury, new diagnoses, recent surgery or hospitalization. The focus is on recovery, rehabilitation and health education through a wide range of clinical health services to care for you or a loved one at home safely to enhance ongoing safety and quality of life.

Medicare defines eligibility requirements for home health benefits. If leaving home for treatment is difficult, and/or requires a taxing effort, talk with your provider and ask about home care services or call us 217.223 8400, ext. 4910, to talk about your eligibility.

Who pays for my services?

Home Care services are covered by Medicare Part A benefit and Medicaid. Other payment sources may include private insurance, workers’ compensation, private payment or alternative funding. Prior to admission, we will discuss with you and your family how the services will be covered and whether you will have any financial responsibility.

Contact Us

Call us at 217-223-8400, ext. 4910 to learn more about our home health care services. We can help you understand your in-home medical needs. You’ll need a referral from your primary care doctor to receive our services.