X-rays, mammograms, ultrasounds and lab testing: There is no need to travel out of town for answers when you can get advanced imaging technology close to home. At Illini Community Hospital, you can get a range of diagnostic testing done in Pittsfield.

Experience the Illini Difference: Our Diagnostic Services

The surrounding community chooses Illini Community Hospital for diagnostic testing because of our:

  • Care that focuses on you: Many people on our care team have lived and worked in this community their entire lives. When you come here, you will be treated like family—because that is how we see you.

  • Convenience: We know travel can be difficult, so we offer a range of diagnostic tests in Pittsfield. Should you need it, we offer expert cardiology, pulmonology, podiatry and other specialty care at our consulting physicians clinic. Learn more about our specialty and cancer care.

  • Advanced imaging technology: We invest in technology that matters for our patients. That translates to advanced imaging tests that give you fast, accurate answers.

Lab Testing

Our laboratory is accredited by the College of American Pathologists, so you can trust the results. We offer a variety of lab testing. If we need to consult an outside reference center, you can still get your labs done here, in your hometown, and we will contact you with the results.


Whether you are concerned about a change in your breast or are looking to get your annual mammogram, we can help. With our advanced digital mammography, we provide area residents with preventive and diagnostic mammograms. If the radiologist sees the need for a follow-up, we can provide a same-day ultrasound. This means less travel and faster answers for our community.

If you require further care, we partner with the Blessing Breast Center, which can provide MRI or biopsy. Learn more about the Blessing Breast Center.


Most critical access hospitals offer 16- or 32-slice CT scans. At Illini Community Hospital, we invested in an innovative 64-slice CT scanner to inform care in trauma or emergency situations. More advanced equipment means better quality images. When doctors have access to better images, it means more accurate answers and fewer tests for you.

This technology has helped to make Illini Community Hospital a “stroke-ready” facility. If local patients are experiencing stroke-like symptoms, emergency professionals can bring you here instead of wasting precious treatment time driving to a facility that’s farther away.

Ultrasound, X-Ray and MRI

With advanced 4-D ultrasound and digital X-ray technology, our doctors use the latest imaging technology to make informed decisions. They can also make those decisions faster, which means less time spent waiting for answers.

Nuclear Medicine

Nuclear medicine uses small, safe amounts of radioactive material to show detailed images of your internal organs. Our advanced nuclear medicine equipment reduces testing time, which means patients are exposed to less radiation. We offer:

  • Cardiac stress tests, which measure heart function

  • Bone scans, which measure bone density

  • Gastric emptying tests, which look at how fast food leaves your stomach

Contact Us

To schedule an appointment or refer a patient, please call (217) 285-2113.