Illini Community Hospital provides for all aspects of care our community needs, including mental health. As the demand for mental health services grows, we have expanded our care offerings to include counseling options for everyone from children to older adults—right here in Pike County.

Experience the Illini Difference: Our Mental Health Counseling Services

Illini Community Hospital offers inpatient and outpatient mental health services, for a range of needs. When you come to Illini for mental health care, you benefit from:

  • Care that focuses on you: We are in touch with the needs of our community and responsive to those changing needs. As more people have expressed a desire for mental health care in recent years, we’ve expanded our behavioral health services to fill that demand.

  • Convenience: Illini Community Hospital provides valuable mental health counseling and medication management to patients and families at our Rural Health Clinic, located right on our main campus. Find out more about family medicine at Illini Rural Health Clinic.

Mental Health Counseling Services: Our Team

Illini Community Hospital’s Rural Health Clinic, located on the hospital’s main campus, offers outpatient mental health therapy and counseling services for the surrounding community.

Our team consists of 2 licensed mental health professionals:

  • A licensed clinical social worker, who can counsel a wide range of patients, from children to adults, for individual and family therapy

  • A licensed clinical professional counselor, who meets with patients of all ages and stages of development and helps individuals, couples and families manage their relationships in a healthy way

Mental Health Counseling Services

Our Rural Health Clinic’s behavioral health providers foster safe, trusting relationships with patients in a supportive environment. Mental health services include:

  • Managing depression and anxiety symptoms

  • Helping patients develop more effective communication skills

  • Promoting healthy coping skills

  • Encouraging a positive outlook on life’s challenges

  • Medication management

  • Couple and family counseling    

Contact Us

To schedule an appointment or refer a patient, please call (217) 285-9447.