At Blessing, our urologist see many men for enlarged prostates and offer a range of treatments.

What to Know About Enlarged Prostate

  • An enlarged prostate is very common and tends to be associated with aging. The older you get, the better chance that you will experience an enlarged prostate.

  • About half of men with enlarged prostates experience symptoms, including:

    • Frequent urination (more than usual)

    • Difficulty urinating

    • Delayed start of urinary stream, or weak stream

    • Inability to fully empty the bladder

    • Sudden urges to urinate

    • Incontinence (loss of bladder control)

Experience the Blessing Difference: Treating an Enlarged Prostate

We know that dealing with symptoms of an enlarged prostate can be frustrating. When you come to Blessing, you will:

  • Receive specialized care: At Quincy, you can see a fellowship-trained urologist. This designation means that the doctor has had extra years of rigorous training in urology. Having a true specialist is unique in the region, and Blessing urology is proud to offer this level of care. 

  • Get a full screening: To make sure we have a full picture of what is going on, we will examine you. The exam includes testing your urine flow rate and checking your urine for infection. While an enlarged prostate is not related to prostate cancer, we may also do a prostate-specific antigen (PSA) blood test to screen for cancer. (Talk with your doctor about the risk and benefits of prostate cancer screening starting at the age of 55, or earlier if you have risk factors such as a family history of prostate cancer or African American heritage.)

  • Learn treatment options: Depending on your symptoms, you may or may not need treatment. We can recommend things you can do at home to better manage the condition. We can also prescribe medication. For more severe cases, we can talk to you about urologic surgery options.

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